Sweet Peas and Dive Fins

I was asked by my brother and sister in-law-to-be to design their wedding invites. Not only was this a great honour, the bride-to-be has great taste, always a big plus.

The wedding will be set in Pembroke Lodge, in the heart of Richmond Park. The Lodge is a listed Georgian mansion and the invites reflect the classic Georgian style and help set the feel of day. A classic Baskerville font, patterns reflecting the Georgian principles of symmetry, space and light and a pale and restrained colour scheme helps achieve this. Within the patterns around the edge are elements that reflect both the bride and groom. For her; Clarinets, musical notes and early summer sweet peas and roses. For him; Salty diving fins drying in the sun and muddy boots trekking through the hills.

Traditional printing methods where used as much as possible. Litho printing and foil block for the initials.